Found a Stray?

We appreciate that you're wanting to help a member of this wonderful breed! Because we have a limited number of foster homes, we presently cannot take strays or owner surrenders.

Assess the Dog & the Situation
If you've found a pit bull you should always assess the following:

  • Is the dog in need of a vet? Bleeding, crying when touched, limping, pregnant, etc.?
  • Is the dog friendly and willing to let people approach and touch it? Do NOT attempt to handle a dog that shows signs of human aggression. Keep in mind that any injured or fearful dog is more likely to "lash out" due to stress.

If the dog is injured or needs medical help, bring him to a vet for medical attention. (Please note: pit bulls needing extensive medical attention that are surrendered to shelters will likely be euthanized due to limited resources and the additional costs of care).

If you need to surrender the dog, our Contact page has a list of local shelters. Shelters often do not have space for even adoptable dogs, and must euthanize. If you're concerned about your pit bull being euthanized, ask the shelter how full they are. Sometimes holding onto the dog for a few days until space frees up can give him a better shot. Even if you must surrender him, you can still help spread the word about him! (scroll down)

Finding the Original Owners
Does the dog have ID tags? A microchip? Any vet's office will have a scanner to identify microchips.
In your efforts to locate an original owner, we highly recommend not giving too much information out about the dog. Let them give you details about the dog's physical appearance and personality. Sometimes people will try to claim a dog that was never theirs.

Deciding to Foster
If you decide to foster the dog, make sure you keep him in a quiet, secure place in your home (ideally in a crate, not loose in a room!), away from other animals and children. We recommend finding a professional familiar with the breed who can evaluate the dog's temperament and help you introduce him to your household.

Making Your Foster Adoptable
In order to prepare your Foster for adoption, we recommend doing the following:

  • getting him a collar & ID tags
  • spaying/neutering - Google "low cost spay/neuter" or have your vet do it
  • microchipping - many low cost vaccine/spay/neuter clinics also offer microchipping
  • vaccinating - many low cost vaccine clinics take place on weekends at pet stores
  • training - Our Pack offers a training class on Sundays. Contact us if you're interested!

Getting the Word Out
Now it's just a matter of finding that forever home! Advertising in the following places will help:

  • Craigslist
  • Petfinder
  • Bulletin boards at dog parks & pet stores
  • Emailing friends & family
  • Creating a blog or web page about your foster
  • Flyering your neighborhood
  • Taking your dog out to parks, farmers markets, & other popular places (even wearing a t-shirt that says "I'm Adoptable!") and let people know he's looking for a forever home

Thank you for being an "angel" and helping a pit bull in need! Feel free to contact us if you have further questions.