Meet the Our Pack Crew

Marthina McClay

  • President/Founder of Our Pack Inc.
  • Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT)
  • AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator
  • Certified Tester/Observer for Therapy Dogs, Inc.
  • Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer

Marthina with Leo

Marthina first learned to ride horses when she was 11 years old. At 14 she trained her 2 horses for Pole Bending and Barrel Racing. In the early 1970s she learned dog training the traditional way when her family owned Dobermans. She went on to pursue other careers but always lived with dogs and continued to train on the side. She became interested specifically in the pit bull breed in 2003. She had already begun training, studying and working with dog to dog aggression issues. Later she began rescuing/fostering pit bulls on her own in her home along with her resident pit bulls and thus Our Pack was born, a rescue, training and education organization. Her work has included large scale animal abuse cases that have occurred around the country, including the Michael Vick case. Many of these dogs are now certified therapy dogs. Her specialty is dogs that are reactive to other dogs or have leash reactivity.

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Mary Campbell

  • Wisconsin Liaison
  • Assistant Trainer
Mary with Conrad

Mary began working with pit bulls at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley. She took every available class and before she knew what hit her she was one of the few who focused her time and attention on the pit bulls! She began leading play groups and taking adoptable pit bulls off-site for adoption events. She met Marthina at one of those events shortly after Marthina had adopted one of the first pit bulls Mary had worked with at the shelter. A chance encounter led to many long conversations and soon the two of them were ready to start the process of becoming a rescue!

Mary is an AKC Certified CGC Evaluator and helps work with the new dogs that come to the Sunday class. She shares her home with a Miniature Schnauzer named Jax, a cat named Tiggers, and her sweet pit bull, Hanna, who will occasionally allow a short term foster into their domain. Her main job with Our Pack is to help put up the blogs, write the newsletter, and help get the word out about the organization through events.

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Lynn Brown

  • Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT)
  • AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Evaluator
  • Intermediate trainer for the Our Pack Sunday training classes

Lynn started her dog training career in 2003 teaching adult and puppy training classes, and running puppy socials through Sirius® Puppy Training. Over the years Lynn has spent much of her own time volunteering for local shelters working with shelter dogs, developing behavior modification plans, running playgroups and handling dogs of all breeds and temperaments. Lynn's goals as a dog trainer are to give owners the skills necessary to build better relationships with their dogs, using reward-based, positive training methods grounded in learning theory. Lynn is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and keeps her knowledge and skills current by attending seminars, workshops and conferences. 

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Stephanie Lam

  • Our Pack Webmaster, Graphic Designer, Photographer & Editor
  • Instructor, "Pit Bull Basics" & "Understanding Pit Bulls"
  • Assistant Trainer
  • Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer (ABCDT)
  • AKC CGC Evaluator
  • Certified in Animal Services/Illegal Animal Fighting through the Oakland Police Dept.

Stephanie Lam with Miso

Stephanie joined Our Pack in 2007 shortly before adopting her very own pit bull, Miso Luvlee. At that time Our Pack was looking for a new webmaster and logo. Stephanie quickly got to work revamping the website but soon found herself helping out in various creative capacities and loving every minute of it. Many of the photos she's taken of Leo have ended up on TVs and in newspapers & magazines across the country including People magazine.

Stephanie has a passion for educating the public and teaches the "Pit Bull Basics" class for new and prospective Pit Bull owners and the "Understanding Pit Bulls" presentation for shelters, rescues, and ACOs. She travels throughout the Bay Area in a effort to help those who work with and love pit bulls to better understand this phenomenal breed. She also occasionally fosters and acts as a Foster Representative.

Stephanie is a pet portrait artist and enjoys creating vibrant paintings in oil and acrylic through her business, StudioPet. In 2011, she graduated with her MBA from Santa Clara University. She spends much of her free time catering to her pack of dogs: Miso the pit bull, Harley the Pug, and Chubby the French Bulldog.

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Christina Krzaszczak

  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Content Manger


Christina's love for rescue dogs first developed after meeting Eamie, a small but tenacious chihuahua. Living with and helping to rehabilitate a dog that had been the victim of abuse was the most rewarding experience she had ever had with a pet. Shortly after adopting her second dog, a pit bull name Loki, she found her way to Our Pack. After writing an email looking for some training advice she was able to get in contact with Marthina. Once the two started talking they soon realized that they had a lot in common and that Christina was in a position to help Our Pack with their growing website needs. Since then she has worked on a number of design projects (training hand-outs, Facebook tiles, t-shirt designs, and the famous Our Pack calendar) and helped implement the monthly donor program.

In addition to raising her son Shane, Christina also runs her own graphic and web design business from her home on the Coastside. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of California–San Francisco. 

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Rebecca MacDonald

  • Volunteer Staff Writer
  • Student, Animal Behavior College

Rebecca joined Our Pack in 2009 when she moved to the California Bay Area from Austin, Texas, where she rescued and trained her three dogs, Milo, Tucker and Bear. She discovered Our Pack while searching for a class to help Bear with his leash-reactive behavior. Participating in Our Pack's classes and watching Bear's transformation into a well-mannered gentleman on
leash turned Rebecca into an Our Pack volunteer and advocate. She now uses her professional background in marketing communications to help get the word out about Our Pack through the organization's newsletter, social media, public relations efforts and events. Rebecca has volunteered as a dog handler at various animal shelters, and is in the process of earning her trainer certification through the Animal Behavior College.

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