Our Training Philosophy

Our Pack uses operant conditioning (the use of consequences to modify the form and occurrence of behavior) and classical conditioning (in this case, making positive associations) while providing education on how to enhance the Dog-Owner relationship by building a long-lasting and trusting bond. 

Our training programs prohibit techniques that cause pain or fear in dogs by helping owners learn how to use leadership through positive reinforcement. Owners will gain cooperation from their dogs using a reward-based training program while establishing leadership and discouraging inappropriate behavior at the same time. 

Owners learn how to handle their dogs at home as well as in public by using the "Nothing In Life Is Free" program. This program enhances your your dog's willingness to work by using his obedience skills to receive food, toys, affection and activities such as daily walks. As a for instance, if your dog wants the front door open for a walk, tell him to sit first, then open the door. He will get the idea soon that good things happen in his life when he acts appropriately.

The Law of Effect

Thorndike's Law of Effect, which states that behaviors that are rewarded increase in frequency, intensity or duration, is a proven learning principle that is very reliable. Our Pack's training methods use this principle and rewards from three categories: Food, Toys and interactions. Not only are dog owners taught how to use these rewards but when NOT to use them!

Basic Manners Classes

Our Pit Bull Manners Classes consist of teaching your dog how to be calm and ignore other dogs while on leash while we help you to establish positive leadership with him/her. At the same time we help you strengthen the bond between you and your dog making him/her more willing to work with you.
Many of our training exercises are in the form of real life situations, making training fun AND practical! After initial training, your dog may also test/train for his Canine Good Citizen certification. 

Marthina McClay, CPDT
Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer
Certified Tester/Observer for Therapy Dogs, Inc.
AKC Certified CGC Evaluator