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Our Pack, Inc.
1177 Branham Lane #235
San Jose, CA 95118

Please note: We do not accept strays or owner surrenders. If you have a dog to surrender, please contact any of the following local organizations:

San Jose Animal Care & Services (
Humane Society of Silicon Valley (
Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority (

If you need to report an instance of animal abuse, cruelty, or neglect, please contact your local police department and animal control. Thank you!

Our Crew

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Promote compassion and kindness toward Pit Bulls by creating breed ambassadors through both in-shelter and foster-home training. We will empower potential adopters to be responsible Pit Bull owners and assist, as needed, in the life-long bond between a Pit Bull and its person. Our Pack will also educate the public about Pit Bulls as wonderful pets.


We envision a world in which there are no negative stereotypes surrounding the breed and no euthanasia of sound Pit Bulls that arrive at shelters in the South Bay.

Our Pack members continue their commitment to socializing and training unwanted Pit Bulls to unite them with their forever family and demonstrate that they are excellent pets.