Volunteer With Us!

Opal & the Gang

Thank you for expressing interest in volunteering with Our Pack! We depend on our volunteers to help Pit Bulls in need, educate prospective adopters about responsible ownership, and spread the word about the loving nature of this breed.

At present, we are in need of the following types of volunteers. Our greatest needs are listed first. Of course, we are always open to additional positions if you have other ideas for assisting our organization.

1) Foster Homes. Foster families lie at the core of our organization. Without fosters, we can't have dogs for adoption! If you think you might be interesting in fostering (but just aren't sure), please visit our Foster Page and email us. We can walk you through all kinds of scenarios and answer your specific questions so you understand exactly what's involved.

2) Community Outreach Volunteers. CO Volunteers are essential in making Our Pack known throughout the community and driving traffic to our website. You will be responsible for posting and maintaining supply of flyers, brochures, and business cards in veterinary offices, pet stores, coffee shops, dog parks, and other places frequented by the dog-loving community.

3) Event Volunteers. Our EVs commit to manning Our Pack booths at dog- and community-related events. This includes booth set-up, passing out literature, talking to the public, and booth take-down. We ask that EV volunteers spend some time doing Outreach work and attending training classes before working their first event.

To volunteer with us:

  1. Please download and fill out the interactive PDF.

  2. Save it (preferably with a unique file name such as "Volunteer_MarySmith.pdf")

  3. Email it back to us at info@ourpack.org


  4. Mail it to Our Pack, 1177 Branham Lane #235, San Jose, CA 95118 (if sending via snail mail, email us anyway and let us know so we can keep a lookout)

Someone will be in touch with you regarding your application promptly. Thanks again!